Victoria Cator Candles & Diffuser - Madame Julia


“A range of candles nostalgic with the scent of memory, the brief glimpses of the past that we can suddenly conjure to bring depth to the present, Victoria Cator has put together complex fragrances to stir our senses, catch our emotions and give us evocative experiences.”

Chic bittersweet, a graceful silhouette steps into focus, audacious and captivating, the happy past remembered with a whiff of the scent of Chamade, in a sports car, a catch-your-breath moment laced with black tobacco, crisp shirt unbuttoned in a heart beat, and the essence of delectable rose petals shaken though the air. Sun kissed skin, crushed blackcurrant leaves and the trace of lipstick on a cigarette. The curve of a shoulder, the lift of a chin, bold yet heartbreaking, classic and original, the scent of Julia, redolent of glamour and sophistication. Cannot be forgotten.


Top Note - Blackcurrant Leaves 
Middle Note - Bulgarian Rose
Base Note - Ambergis

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