Hand painted Coral Tumblers - Set of 6
Nason Moretti Coloured TumblerNason Moretti Coloured Tumbler
Coral Water GlassCoral Water Glass
Hand Painted Orchid Hurricane LampHand Painted Orchid Hurricane Lamp
Set of 6 Hand Engraved Sailing Tumblers and JugSet of 6 Hand Engraved Sailing Tumblers and Jug
Handblown Glass Bowls
Twist Water Tumblers
Nason Moretti Twisted GlassesNason Moretti Twisted Glasses
Venthouse Water Glass
Theresienthal CarafeTheresienthal Carafe
Murano Glass TumblersMurano Glass Tumblers
Murano Glass DecanterMurano Glass Decanter
Herb Platter
Set of 6 Assorted Fantasy Murano GlassesSet of 6 Assorted Fantasy Murano Glasses
Set of 6 Murano Fantasy Glasses
Lined Stem Vase
Extra Large Bubble VaseExtra Large Bubble Vase
Large Glass JarLarge Glass Jar
Smoked Bubble VaseSmoked Bubble Vase
Stem Vase
Sold out

Stem Vase

Gordiola Glass Vases
Odessa Water Glass
Amethyst Water GlassAmethyst Water Glass
Smoke Tumbler
Set of 6 Last Drop Glasses
Dot GlassesDot Glasses
Clear Glass Decanter
Paola Wine Glass
Deco Glasses - Set of 6Deco Glasses - Set of 6
Sold out
Handblown Bobble Jug
Octopus Decanter
Bride and Groom Champagne FlutesBride and Groom Champagne Flutes
Flecked Water Tumblers
Spiral Prosecco Glass
Venezia Stemmed GlassesVenezia Stemmed Glasses
Hand Painted Fish Side Plates - Set of 4
Hand Painted Fig Side Plate
Hand Painted Redcurrant Hurricane Lamp
Duck Dish

Duck Dish

Orchid Tumblers
Glass BowlGlass Bowl
Felix Carafe
Set of 6 Murano Esterne GlassesSet of 6 Murano Esterne Glasses
Red Double Rim Hand Painted Side Plate
Double Rim Hand Painted Bowl
Set of 6 Antler Side Plates
Hand Painted Heart Tumbler
Hand Painted Redcurrant Jar

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