Tresor Plates


This exquisite Raynaud dinnerware is called Tresor. It is produced by Raynaud in France using only the finest porcelain. A woven pattern with accents of gold makes these pieces stand out especially.

Sold as sets of 6 pieces.

Dishwasher safe - With this decor the colors are melted into the glaze at 1000 degrees C. Here the glaze softens and the decor sinks into it, thus making color and luminosity indestructible. It is scratch- and wear-resistant. However, gold decors are not totally scratch resistant due to their natural material properties. This item is dishwasher safe.

Charger - 12 3/5 inches

Dinner Plate - 10 3/5 inches

Dessert Plates - 8 2/3 inches

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