Victoria Cator Candles - La Litrone


“A range of candles nostalgic with the scent of memory, the brief glimpses of the past that we can suddenly conjure to bring depth to the present, Victoria Cator has put together complex fragrances to stir our senses, catch our emotions and give us evocative experiences.” 

Sun soaked green shutters, a sense of ease and the soft warm Provencal evening basks in the late light through earthy fields of golden sunflowers. Heat shimmers along the terrace, and a ripe fig bursts its skin, sweet juice rich like honey caught with amber. A sense of laid back summer sensuality drifts through towards nightfall. A curtain moves in the light breeze, a french window wide open, the unmade bed within, its white sheets rumpled as barefoot lovers wander out and find the stone terrace surface a warm caress on smooth skinned heels. A cork pops from a bottle of the palest rosé, there is a clink of glasses, and the lingering hot mouth taste of a stolen kiss.


Top Note - Fig, Green, Leaves and stems
Middle Note - Cyclamen, Violet, Fig, Floral
Base Note - Woody, Amber, Tonka, Cedarwood

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